A Daughter's Thank You

My wonderful Dad, by example, taught me to be an organized, persistent, creative problem solver-sometimes referred to, by my loving husband, as a “stubborn Lithuanian”.

My Dad was self-taught, determined, and hopeful. Whether he was studying for his Iowa Public Service or Sioux City Auditorium job, building our home on Irene Street, making home/vehicle repairs, taking the family on vacations; planting a garden or building model planes, he did things in a planned and meticulous manner. He also acknowledged and praised the quality work of others. He taught me that you didn’t have to perfect, just particular.

When I was young he lovingly created a cardboard keyboard pattern to help me remember the letters of the piano keys; skillfully built a playhouse for me; guided me while I made a model of the moon for the science fair; taught me the basics of car maintenance; and showed me that a father not only provided for his family but helped with the household duties. And of course, he emphasized that education, particularly continuing education, was so important. Many times he would say that the day a person stops learning is that day he might as well throw in the towel. He reminded me that it was quite all right to have several jobs/careers in a lifetime.

Well, Dad, I have not thrown in the towel. I’ve retired from 25+ years in education, married a beautiful man who is my friend, my lover, and my helper. I get a kick out of looking at the moon through my telescope; enjoy traveling by airplane, and take pride in finding creative ways to solve problems. Yes, I am your “stubborn Lithuanian”, Dad, and am proud of it. Thank you. Love, Marcia