1938 Pete and Adam

Les Davis was Dad's coach at East High school. He coached from 1927 to 1945. His players, including Dad, accumulated 111 wins, 39 losses and 8 ties.

For the homecoming game of 1937 against Lincoln High, "Coach Davis will start the same light, fast charging team he has used until now. This line up includes Cobbs and Barrett, or Haynes, ends; Osbourn and Mc Graw, tackles; O’Keefe and Nelson, guards; Will Riordon, center; Roe, quarterback; Trasowech

And Lease, or Nashleanas, halves; and Shinkunas, fullback."

From what I gather, East High had about 800 to 900 students during this period of its long history.

This is what was written in the East High TomaHawk March 16, 1938. I'd bet you anything that Dad was one of the "rough and ready boys", certainly not a "lolly-pop". What do you think?

"The call for football candidates separates the lolly-pops from the boys; the first three days of practice separates the glory-grabbing boys from the rough and ready boys; the first week of practice separates the enlightened brawn from the men; in two weeks the eleven best men form the football team, and at the end of the two-month football season the hardest hitting, best coordinated eleven in the country leave a very deep impression on the spectators of the bleachers as well as the teams they have trampled on the gridiron.

Bob Odell is 16 years old, weighs 165 pounds, has never failed a course, is a clever football player, and is passing Algebra 3; but he can’t explain what a chaperone is (Is he innocent or ignorant/)

Since when has Will Riordan, the football player, taken such a big interest in music as to carry a violin home?-or is it a violin?

Now for the catastrophe of the week. Spring football sounds glorious to many, but to one fair maiden a shadow of grief is displayed as she wonders if she will ever again see the man of her heart after his pitiful decision of trading her for an egg-shaped bag of wind."

I wonder if Mom knew Dad at this time and if so, did she get traded in for an "egg-shaped bag of wind"?

Mike Nashleanas